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Making The Change

Well strangely enough I am actually writing a blog post! Those of you that know me already, know that I am shocking when it comes to keeping a Blog, and I don’t generally have time to do it, but a lovely friend told me this would be the easiest way to put my thoughts and feelings out there and explain to everyone why I am making the change. And maybe, just maybe, this will be the beginning of a new thing :)


Photography for me is about telling a story. I went into Photography wanting to be able to document a stage in a Person’s life, but I somehow ended up trying to fit in with what everyone else was doing, even though it was not what I wanted to do. I personally find the current trend with photography to be fake and untrue to the situation. Newborns are not perfect, they have blemishes and uneven skin tone, they do not bend in half and like to sleep in buckets or be butt naked for hours on end. Families are not always happy, they fight and get cranky at each other, kids pull funny faces and can be naughty during a photoshoot. So why document a family where everyone is looking straight at the camera with fake smiles plastered to their faces. In all honesty, these types of Photoshoots to some children (and even the parents) are quite traumatic. In my opinion children should be photographed doing what children do best, laughing, playing and having fun. If they have a foul look on their face, to me that is a priceless photo as that is what your child was really like at that exact moment, people are so quick to forget the little things that make a child unique. Yes they may be a total pain in the butt at times, but they are beautiful in their own little way – even when they are cranky or doing what they shouldn't be doing!


There is only one Photographer that I know of that does the type of work that I want to be doing, and that is the friend that inspired me to make the change and write this post. Her name is Liz from Liz Arcus Photography. To me her work is perfect. It tells a story, and documents the real situations. THIS is what I aspire to be like. Liz asked me a question “If this was my last day on Earth what would I do”. My answer was simple “If it was my last day on earth I would probably go out and document my life with the ones I love, so that they would have memories of me and how I really was while I was still here so they could remember me that way forever.”


THAT is what I want my clients to have after a Photoshoot with me… Memories of the Real Thing! Yes it may not be what all your friends will comment on when it shows up in your newsfeed, but it is Real, it is the small things in your life that will soon be forgotten and never be replaced.


So from this point forward, I will be making the change with all new bookings and will be changing my style of photography to what I really want to be doing, not what everyone else wants me to do. I understand that a Photojournalism style of photography will not suit everyone, and I am ok with that, I will be sorry to see you go but I do understand that this is not for everyone. It is time for me to follow my heart and do the work that I WANT to be doing that makes me happy to be going to work every day.


I will be doing some portfolio building to get my style of work where I want it to be, so I hope you will all be patient with me whilst I find my feet again. Please feel free to leave me feedback as I go along!!!


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I took a much needed break and went for a day trip up to Lancelin with my family for a fun filled day of four wheel driving.

The weather was ideal and the water looked stunning, so I took some scenery photos to add to my collection. 






I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enoyed taking them!!!

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Kyle & Kimmy

I had Kyle & Kimmy come into the studio for their 2012 Christmas Photos. 

To anyone that knows these lovely children, you will understand how difficult it can be to get photographs of Kyle as he suffers from Autism, and is not very good in-front of a camera but somehow we got lucky!!! 

Kyle & Kimmy

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Jamie is a very special little man who means so much to me. He was my very first Birthing Shoot Baby back in February 2012 and since then I have had the pleasure of photographing him in a Watch Me Grow Photoshoot every 3 months. 

In every session he has been the most adorable baby, and although he is now over 9 months old, he hasn't changed a bit (as you will see from his collage at the bottom of this post). James is one of those lucky children that is so loved by his amazing Mum & Dad that he doesn't seem to have a care in the world. He has a personality that is so far beyond his actual age that it is rather scary!!! 

I did not have a blog going when I began James' Progress Shoot, so I will include a few of the images from each of his photoshoots within this blog post instead. 


James' Newborn Shoot

In March 2012 James came in for his Newborn Shoot. It was very clear from the moment they arrived in my studio that he was a very placid and happy baby. 

His Mum & Dad (Catherine & Mike) had both settled into parenthood like it was nothing and are still to date the most amazing parents I have ever met.

Newborn 1


James' 3 Month Progress Shoot

In June 2012 we did James' 3 Month Photoshoot. I was totally shocked to see how much he had grown!!!

It was at this photoshoot that I realised just how much thought Catherine was putting into Jamies photos. Not only did she arrive with a couple of different outfits for him to wear, she arrived with a WHOLE CAR full of props to use!! And when I say a whole car... I literally mean A Whole Car! She had brought everything from Vegetables to Washing Baskets to Sporting Equipment and all the bibs and bobs in between!!!  I had so much fun doing this photoshoot that I was actually sad when it was time for them to leave :(

3 Months 1



James 6 Month Progress Shoot

In September 2012 I got to do Jamies 6 Month photos and boy had he got big! He has such a funny little personality and was a total pleasure to photograph yet again!

And needless to say... Catherine had gone above and beyond with planning this session too! At this session we had fun with bubble wrap, blowing bubbles, mirrors, naked bums and totally adorable teddybear outfits.

Plus it was amazing weather to do some images outside in the field so we spent a bit of time outdoors with James putting him in flower fields with balloons and wheelbarrows,  and even managed to get a stunning breast feeding shot that I totally love!!!

6 Months



James' 9 Month Progress Shoot


1st Christmas Photos

In November 2012 James came to visit for his 9 Month photos. This was very special for me as it was my first photoshoot in my new studio. 

We decided to do a joint Christmas and 9 Month shoot for this session so Catherine came with a car packed full of everything Christmas and some totally handsome little man outfits for his normal photos including the Soccer Ball, Beanie & Booties that he has been wearing in each and every session since his Newborn one, however there was one slight problem.... the beanie no longer fit - so teddy got to wear it this time :)

Jamie had got to one of my favourite stages of a baby - he was trying to walk. He was at the beautiful stage of leaning on furniture to hold himself up, and the total joy in his face at how clever he was, was totally adorable!

I was very sad to see James go yet again, he is a child that I could quite happily keep and claim as my own!!!

9 Months 1

9 Months Xmas



Watch Me Grow Collage

Birth - 9 Months Old

This is James' Watch Me Grow Collage to date. One more photoshoot to go, then it will be complete :)

See what I mean, although he has grown, he hasn't changed a bit!!! He is still the same Cheeky, Handsome and Intelligent looking little man!!!

9 Month Collage copy

I love you dearly Little Lambie, you have been such a pleasure to watch grow and I look forward to photographing you for the rest of your life... yes you heard correctly... I will haunt you with my camera FOREVER!!! :) 

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On 27 November 2012 I got to spend a couple of hours with one of my favorite little clients Isabella at a park near Princess Margaret Hospital where she was due to have heart surgery for the second time in her short little life. 

Isabella was diagnosed with a very complex heart condition at her 19 week scan which would require a series of open heart surgeries for her to survive. 

Isabella's complex heart conditions are:
Univentricular Heart, 
Double Outlet Right Ventricle with Transposition of Great Vessels,
Sub Pulmonary & Pulmonary Stenosis,
Ventricle Septal Defect,
Tricuspid Atresia,
Hypoplastic Right Ventricle,
Left Aortic Arch,
Patent Ductus Arteriosus,
and Atrial Deptal Defect.
(Please feel free to add any additional ones that I may have missed Alyse) 




Isabella is an amazing little girl. She was born with the strongest will to live, and has overcome so many obsticles already.  I feel truely honoured to have witnessed not only the incredible Birth of Isabella, but also to have become great friends with her wonderful Mum Alyse. I have been invited into their lives on so many occasions already and I look forward to many more wonderful sessions with this little one :) 

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